First Impressions of: Assassins Creed: Unity

An article written by: Adam Matthew Ink

I recently became privy to a gaming acronym: SSDG (Same Shit Different Generation). Inside a trend of consistent sequential releases (most times annually), this is a rampant issue in the gaming industry. With an annual release, Ubisoft is on the cusp of SSDG constantly – but does this apply to AC: Unity? A gorgeous open world with a brilliant outfit doesn’t always make a great game — especially one that requires over 50 hrs. of game play with that annual release. Will the incremental changes and differentiating mechanics be enough to hold my interest through another historical backdrop? These questions flood my mind as my fingers haphazardly fumble though another campaign in the Assassins Creed. Here are my first impressions.

10 hours into the game and I am already dreading the rooftop collectables, high synchronization points and the thousand chest march that Assassins Creed has now become known for. An enormous crowded city with new parkour, fighting and stealth mechanics helps me sing praise to the game despite its similarities to the collectable barrage in the previous titles. So far I am enjoying the new mission types, co-op capabilities as well as the expansive character customization (complete with useful statistics that impact your game). Ubisoft (even this early in the game) has done a great job in utilizing not only the companion app (albeit buggy sometimes), but the reward benefit for playing both the app and the game together.

As first impressions go, the plot in AC: Unity offers a mundane experience, but the where Arno fails to entice me in a compelling character plot, Unity surpasses it’s successors in three main areas: customization, companion and co-op. I’m anxious to play through the game some more and level up (only by throwing down mind you) Arno himself through the different ranks of the Creed.

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