Any Empire Review


Title: Any Empire
Author: Nate Powell

Review by Adam Matthew Ink

Nate Powell’s follow up to Swallow Me Whole is similar in tonality and adolescent rumble. Any Empire seems to capture a nostalgic tribute to GI JOE, Nancy Drew and rural splendor and adventure surrounding three main characters: Lee, Sarah and Purdy. The story runs through the threads of their lives through childhood and onto adulthood. Playtime imagination and hard true-life experiences are in the foreground as a reptilian mystery is anxious to be put to rest.

Powell’s narration is minuscule, relying heavily on art technique for pacing and story. This intimate story telling is now revealed as Powell’s style and intention, a choice I have come to love. The artwork is in beautiful black and white showing off Powell’s skill of line weight and lighting.

For more on this book and Swallow Me Whole by Powell, listen to Episode 62 of The Nerdgasm Podcast where Panel Punchers, Matt & Adam discuss both titles in depth (includes spoiler free sections).  Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Rating: 7/10



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