Black Hole Review

by: Adam Matthew Ink

Here’s another graphic novel everyone has been telling you to read – it’s that black and white illustration of a young woman with a bold red strip covering her eyes as if to say, “Why the fuck haven’t you read this book yet?!” and well, I am here to tell you the same.

Black Hole is almost as dark, eerie and obtuse as its celestial namesake. Charles Burns takes the idea of the X-Men and infuses it with a delightfully creepy adolescent thriller set in the suburbs of Seattle. The story circles around two main characters and their love interests as a sexually transmitted “bug” runs through the 70’s party scene. Awkward teens, grossly mutated faces and horrific dream sequences make this classic novel one to read before bed. Burns’ artwork and writing are something that still awe me today. His intensely beautiful art style mixed with the story is the reason this book continues to top multiple lists of the greatest graphic novels you need to read. Honestly people…GO READ IT!

Listen to Episode 75 of The Nerdgasm Podcast for a more in depth look into the eerie graphic novel!

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