Comic Review: Seconds

Review by: Adam Matthew Ink
Title: Seconds
Author/Artist: Bryan Lee O’Malley
At first, reading Seconds felt like a high school drama I couldn’t care less about. Author-Artist Bryan Lee O’Malley (the mastermind behind Scott Pilgrim) left familiar territory to explore something more similar to his freshman title, Lost At Sea. The protagonist, Katie, offers a vague sense of character while attempting to grab readers and pull them into a tired ploy of revisionist time.
The close to home, “I’m nearing 30 now what the hell do I do with my life?” protagonist never truly felt directionless. Katie is a young successful professional worried about what direction to take her success. All of her revisions circled around small decisions that lacked the aimlessness I expected to feel. Katie seems to be a strong accomplishing woman at her young age but is still unprogressively yearning over adolescent male characters (that only dilute her poise).
Two thirds into the book I felt the culmination take a turn. I started to actually feel for Katie and her reactions to her superfluous revisions but it might have been too little too late. The narrative never lived up to the beautiful illustrations of O’Malley’s now iconic style in full blown color. While I didn’t think the book was a complete success, I will say I enjoy where the creator is going and will be patiently awaiting the next book!
For more in-depth discussion (and some fan art by yours truly), check out Panel Punchers episode, No. 95 of The Nerdgasm Podcast!

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