Ep. 189: 10 Most Disappointing Games

  Mike and Adam sit down to discuss the most disappointing games in their gaming history! Have a feature suggestion or questions for your hosts? Drop us a line at thenerdgasmpod@gmail.com. Wanna keep up with what we’re playing?  Subscribe on Twitch!https://www.twitch.tv/thenerdgasmpod/profile Subscribe … Continue reading

Ep. 115: Black Friday Post Mortem

Tis the season to load up on turkey, stuffing and video games!  The trio talk about the gaming news this week along with the lineup from their Black Friday haul! Throw Down & Level Up! Have a feature suggestion or … Continue reading

Ep. 113: The Post Apocalypse Genre

The post apocalypse genre has been overtaking popular culture for sometime now.  Adam and Mike are joined by special guest, Vince to discuss some of the more exciting games within the popular genre! Throw Down & Level Up! Have a … Continue reading

Ep. 107: Arkham Knight Review

In this week’s Main Event, Adam and Dan glide across the latest Arkham installment. Tune in for our in-depth review of the game, including our favorite moments and where we want to see Rocksteady go next. Plus, Mike joins the … Continue reading

Ep. 104: That wasn’t so tough, was it?

Difficulty in video games is a concept that has been around for decades. The full crew is back in full swing again to discuss the different ways in which developers leverage difficulty to create unique experiences in gaming. Tune in for … Continue reading