Ep. 147: Pax West 2016

Our Milwaukee heroes take the flight to join their brethren in Seattle for none other than Pax West!  Here about all their adventures on the way and most importantly… what they played! Throw Down & Level Up! Have a feature … Continue reading

Ep. 107: Arkham Knight Review

In this week’s Main Event, Adam and Dan glide across the latest Arkham installment. Tune in for our in-depth review of the game, including our favorite moments and where we want to see Rocksteady go next. Plus, Mike joins the … Continue reading

Ep. 101: Gamescom 2015

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Episode 19: SXSW, Arkham Knight and Joyous Nerdgams

Adam and guest co-host Matt check in with Danny at South By Southwest and then get underway with the intoxicating nerdgasmic news of the week, mainly Arkham Knight!

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