Ep. 128 – Batman v. Superman

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Ep. 116: The Game Awards & Batman v. Superman!

Join our heroes as we discuss this years Game Awards and later, join Adam and fellow Panel Puncher Matt (and guest Sammi) as they dissect the most recent Batman v. Superman trailer! Throw Down & Level Up! Have a feature … Continue reading

Ep. 56: Beer Tasting and Podcasting

  Cheers from The Nerdgasm Podcast. This week we bring you a slightly more imbibed version of the podcast, rich with #InterestingGamertag’s, video game news across all platforms and a discussion on DC’s superhero movie lineup. Mike Votto, “frequent contributor” … Continue reading

Ep. 43: San Diego Comic-Con 2014!


Mike Votto and Matt Knipple join the cast for a special episode jam-packed with all sorts of news coming out of San Diego Comic Con. From Wonder Woman’s costume reveal to a confirmed Guardians of the Galaxy sequel even before the release of the original, we have you covered.

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