Ep. 74: It’s Morphin Time


The original duo returns to its roots this week with a guestless episode. From rumors of a new Guitar Hero to a Ducktales reboot, there is no shortage of unsuspecting news across gaming, movies and TV this week – perhaps you’ll be glad there is not a third voice to weigh in.

Plus, as the episode title and feature image would indicate, the Power Rangers have caused quite a stir over the last week. The fan-made live action trailer envisions what an R-rated reboot of the franchise would look like and while the fans (including yours truly) seemed to appreciate the grittier take, the original creator unfortunately does not appear to feel the same way.

Throw Down and Level Up!

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Ep. 68: Back to Basics

Though it has awhile since our last formal episode, it hasn’t been all about spiked egg nog and holiday cheer. We have been getting caught up on our queued games and we even premièred the first annual TNP Awards.

This week we get caught up on a wide-range of news across gaming and movies, including PlayStation Now, Ant-Man and more.


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Game DVR: Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta

Adam, Dan and Mike here to share some clips from the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta happening right now on Xbox One.

If you own Halo: The Master Chief Collection, you too can get in on the beta action before it closes on Sunday, January 18th. Halo 5: Guardians is set to release this holiday on Xbox One.

Do A Sparrow Roll

With the upcoming release of Expansion I: The Dark Below for Destiny on 12/09/14, Bungie has also revealed a special edition Sparrow. The EV-30 (aka Tumbler Sparrow) will be available to anyone who purchases the Expansion Pass before January 15th.

Although the video that follows does not sport this new tech, it celebrates the classic Sparrow that forces you to make your own fun by finding just the right pixels to send you barrel-rolling through space.

Interested in some more Sparrow antics? Check out this exploit which allows you to dance while on the go. Share your favorite Destiny moments with us on Twitter @thenerdgasmpod.

Throw Down and Level Up!
duyzurich [TNP]

NFS: Rivals Wipeout Reel

If you’ve been listening to the podcast lately, then you know we have been playing our fair share of Need For Speed: Rivals. Though there have been no shortage of truly epic moments of high speed chases, drafting, jumps and golds, no true hero gets to the top without at least a few failures.

Watch the video below for a few of our favorite high speed crashes…

Recorded, edited and uploaded using Xbox One Game DVR, Upload Studio and OneDrive.