Ep. 158 – 2016 TNP Awards

It’s that time of year again! The year end wrap up discussion of what games our heroes thought deserved the honored TNP Award! Throw Down & Level Up! Have a feature suggestion or questions for your hosts? Drop us a … Continue reading

Ep. 91: Big E3 2015 Preview

It is that time of year again, when gamers hold their breath in anticipation for big announcements and new trailers. That’s right, E3 is coming fast, and we’ve got you covered with everything to look forward to this year. Dan … Continue reading

Ep. 74: It’s Morphin Time


The original duo returns to its roots this week with a guestless episode. From rumors of a new Guitar Hero to a Ducktales reboot, there is no shortage of unsuspecting news across gaming, movies and TV this week – perhaps you’ll be glad there is not a third voice to weigh in.

Plus, as the episode title and feature image would indicate, the Power Rangers have caused quite a stir over the last week. The fan-made live action trailer envisions what an R-rated reboot of the franchise would look like and while the fans (including yours truly) seemed to appreciate the grittier take, the original creator unfortunately does not appear to feel the same way.

Throw Down and Level Up!

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Never Alone Review


Review written by: Adam Matthew Ink
Edited by: Dan Duyser

Our ancestors have shared cultural stories through various forms for centuries — oral tradition, artwork, text and other mediums. So, why not video games? The idea seems odd at first, with AAA first person shooters, unruly players online and the constant desire for sex and violence; Video games doesn’t seem like a viable space for this kind of storytelling.  Studio, Upper One Games, decided to change that.

Developed in close partnership with the native Alaskan Community, Never Alone has a unique appeal of heartfelt genuineness.  Utilizing ancestral spirits and cultural scrimshaw, Upper One presents a stand-out puzzle platformer taking place across the harsh arctic terrain. The story is a ride of despair and whimsy inside the adventure.  In a time where online only gameplay fuels the new generation of gaming, it felt great to play couch co-op with my fiancée, traversing the beautifully designed levels with an adorable little eskimo girl, Nuna accompanied by a cute arctic fox.

About halfway through the game the plot took an unexpected turn, which abruptly changed the gameplay — in my opinion for the worse (albeit emotionally powerful from a story perspective). Never the less, the ending was well worth the drive we gave it.

Never Alone is a great emotional indie game with amazing storytelling, beautiful cultural insights directly from the natives, and a couch co-op experience as good as any other.  Upper One set out to create a fun and innovative story true to ancestral folktales and the Alaskan culture, they were able to hit their mark and make a fun game to boot. For only $15 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam, we recommend picking this one up!