Ep. 165: Exclusives, Are They Worth A Damn?

Throw Down & Level Up! Have a feature suggestion or questions for your hosts? Drop us a line at thenerdgasmpod@gmail.com. Wanna keep up with what we’re playing?  Subscribe on Twitch!https://www.twitch.tv/thenerdgasmpod/profile Subscribe on iTunes, and wherever else podcasts are free! Advertisements

Ep. 112: Artificial Intelligence in Gaming

Our heroes gather for another week of gaming news, our first impressions of Halo 5 and an indepth conversation of A.I. in video games! Throw Down & Level Up! Have a feature suggestion or questions for your hosts? Drop us … Continue reading

Ep. 100: TNP Essentials Debut

Welcome to Episode 100 and the debut of The Nerdgasm Podcast “TNP” Essentials. The TNP Essentials are entries across video games, movies, comics and beyond that we believe are essential for geeks and gamers everywhere. While you can expect this … Continue reading

Ep. 72: Video Game Level Design

After a night of games at the 42 Lounge in downtown Milwaukee, the gang gathers around the mic for their weekly Saturday chat. From Pac Man to Halo and beyond, we explore the evolution of level design and share our … Continue reading

Ep. 68: Back to Basics

Though it has awhile since our last formal episode, it hasn’t been all about spiked egg nog and holiday cheer. We have been getting caught up on our queued games and we even premièred the first annual TNP Awards.

This week we get caught up on a wide-range of news across gaming and movies, including PlayStation Now, Ant-Man and more.


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