Ep. 129: This Week In Gaming

It’s been awhile since we’ve recorded about all the games we’ve been playing.  Listen to the weekly rundown of What We’re Playing as well as the video game news for this week! Throw Down & Level Up! Have a feature … Continue reading

Ep. 24: The Walking Dead Sea. 4 Finale!

Join our heroes as they discuss their ratings on Titanfall, AR vs. VR tech, the (Teenage Mutant) Ninja Turtles trailer and of course…The Walking Dead Season 4 finale!

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New to Killer Instinct: Spinal

Footage captured by @danduyser via Xbox One Game DVR, edited in Upload Studio

Released on Friday, January 31st, Spinal is free with the Combo Breaker Edition ($19.99) or Ultra Edition ($39.99) of Killer Instinct. Though this game is initially “free-to-play”, you only have access to one character (currently Orchid). Individual characters can be purchased without purchasing one of the above packages at $4.99 each.  Get the full breakdown of each version here.

Visit Xbox Wire for the official Spinal trailer and an interview with game developer Double Helix.

And if you really want to see Spinal go to town with an 84x Ultra Combo, watch this video clip from @IGN.

Killer Instinct & Upload Studio

Insane Combo Breaker
When Blue Sabrewulf (@AdamMatthewINK) and White Sabrewulf (@danduyser) go head-to-head there is bound to be greatness. Watch this gameplay footage below featuring an explosive finish.

Xbox One Game DVR
Despite the decreased video quality, this Game DVR feature is actually quite nice. Simply say “Xbox record that” and Xbox One will grab the last 30 seconds of gameplay. Then head over to Upload Studio and edit the video with a few easy to use tools.

Upload Your Video on YouTube
At first glance, it would appear that you can only upload your video to the Upload Studio gallery. If you have a SkyDrive account, you can also upload there and then share the video on a variety of social networks right from your computer.