Ep. 189: 10 Most Disappointing Games

  Mike and Adam sit down to discuss the most disappointing games in their gaming history! Have a feature suggestion or questions for your hosts? Drop us a line at thenerdgasmpod@gmail.com. Wanna keep up with what we’re playing?  Subscribe on Twitch!https://www.twitch.tv/thenerdgasmpod/profile Subscribe … Continue reading

Ep. 149: Playstation Meeting

Dan’s out this week with a sore throat but Mike and Adam pick up the slack to discuss… The Playstation Meeting!  Dan doesn’t even have a Playstation so, you’re not missing much of his feedback. Throw Down & Level Up! … Continue reading

Ep. 136: Xbox Scorpio or Playstation Neo?

Our heroes give their first thoughts on Overwatch and a new update to the Division in What We’re Playing.  During the main event, Mike and Adam talk about the upcoming rumored consoles!   Join us! Throw Down & Level Up! … Continue reading

Ep. 134 – Captain America: Civil War

This year’s most anticipated Marvel movie has finally been released!  Panel Punchers are joined by Nerdgasm co-host Mike Votto to discuss! Did you miss our episode on the Civil War comic?  Check it out here! Throw Down & Level Up! … Continue reading

Ep. 125: This Week in Geek

Our heroes come back and talk about all the games (Destiny’s Iron Banner, Valiant Hearts and Rocket League, et. al.) they’ve been playing this past month as well as talk about the gaming and movie news!  Throw Down & Level … Continue reading