Comic Review: B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs Collection, Vol. 1

Title: B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs Collection, Vol. 1 
By: Mike Mignola  (Author) Guy Davis (Artist)

For starters these omnibus collections may not have the same succession of volumes as the trade papers (this one did, it’s volume 1-3). Editors might have mixed up the numbers or added additional content for the hardcover omnibus to give the story better flow. Something very confusing when you try to collect all volumes of this title.  For a detailed explanation go to this site.
Onward with the review!
This is a Hellboy story without Hellboy. It takes place after Big Red took a leave of absence from the bureau. The readers get a chance to dive into the Hellboy universe and shine the spotlight on some of the supporting characters, notably my favorite: Abe Sapien.
This book stays true to Hellboy nature, even referencing books of his own series giving you context. Mignola has his hand still in the universe but leaves the artwork to a cast of varying artists. Some I love more than others but the main artist is Guy Davis, who does a great job.
Readers take an adventure on a monster an issue basis, almost like X-Files with a creepier take Mulder and Scully. In the last couple issues we get the namesake story exploring a war of large deformed frog monsters that creates an outline for the upcoming books.  The ending of the book also explores the origin story of a very important character; something that continues into omnibus volume 2 (I won’t spoil it for you).
BPRD is a great read if you are itching for more Hellboy and Mignola; and honestly who isn’t?
Rating: 4/5
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