Ep. 105: Panel Punchers – Saga Vol. 4

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Review for: Saga, Volume 2


Title:Saga, Volume 2

By: Brian K. Vaughan  (Author) , Fiona Staples (Illustrator)

This volume gives us a chance to look closer at the charactersintroduced in the first volume.  Thereaders are acquainted with an expanding family portrait showing a greaterdynamic thread between the core characters.  I read this volume back toback with the first.  There is absolutely no disconnect between each book.  Vaughan and Staples (author and illustrator) have kept the series lively and exciting.

Parts of this volume almost resemble Firefly, if it were lacedwith acid and mushrooms.  Other worldly humanoids in a rough and toughbattle to come out on top through the life of hired assassins and refugeeturmoil. The readers are taken though a loop of cat and mouse chase scenarios that leave me wanting more.

Saga continues to surprise and amaze it’s readers. The story isa plethora of crazy and whimsical events told in the perfect medium for thisstory.  Continue the great work Vaughan and Staples!

Rating: 5/5 stars

Review for: Saga, Volume 1



Title: Saga, Volume 1
By: Brian K. Vaughan (Author), Fiona Staples (Illustrator)

Holy frak!

With every other page turn in this fantastical whimsy of a story, your mind is blown out of this world and into another galaxy!  Royal monitor heads, horned humanoid species battling winged humanoid species, magical powers and transportational vortexes (and that’s just the first eleven pages)! Saga delivers the reader into a world where anything does, and will, happen.  From the first page to the last, you will continually stop reading to take a minute and wrap your head around what just happened; only for your brain to be whisked moments later and start the process over again.
Saga has been named one of the best new series of the recent years.  From Award winning author Brian K. Vaughan (if you haven’t read Y: The Last Man do so now) and fantastic artist Fiona Staples, it’s good to see the elixir of imaginative creativity is running swiftly through this new book!
Vaughan continues to create interesting characters that the reader will only fall in love with, no matter which side of morality they lie.  While Staples delivers gorgeous and grotesque character design to the book. What little criticism I could give, the environments could be better hashed out, but I am just knit picking by now.
I can only say I am honestly excited to start the next volume. So… onward!
Rating: 5/5