Kalimba: The Dark Void DLC and Steam release

Kalimba: The Dark Void

In case you missed this stand-out title when it debuted last year on Xbox One, developer Press Play (Max the Curse of Brotherhood) has brought Kalimba to Steam and with it pushed out some pretty solid DLC across both platforms. Coming in at only $9.99 for the base game, we couldn’t recommend this game more. The Dark Void DLC is available for $5.99 and includes new single player and co-op levels (or you can buy each set separately for $3.99).

Kalimba – The Dark Void gameplay

Aside from the level packs, Press Play has also added two new game modes:

  • PUMA Mode, which is about speedrunning through levels racing against your friend’s ghosts
  • LLAMA Mode, a game mode designed for competing against your friends in the couch beating various challenges in turn

If you are on Xbox One or have a Steam account (get one, it’s free), we highly recommend picking this game up. Whether you play alone or with a friend, you are sure to love pulling your hair out over the genius level design.

Not convinced? Check out this footage I made of me narrowly missing the elusive golden totem, earned by collecting all 70 pickups in a level, without dying.

Throw Down & Level Up!


Never Alone Review


Review written by: Adam Matthew Ink
Edited by: Dan Duyser

Our ancestors have shared cultural stories through various forms for centuries — oral tradition, artwork, text and other mediums. So, why not video games? The idea seems odd at first, with AAA first person shooters, unruly players online and the constant desire for sex and violence; Video games doesn’t seem like a viable space for this kind of storytelling.  Studio, Upper One Games, decided to change that.

Developed in close partnership with the native Alaskan Community, Never Alone has a unique appeal of heartfelt genuineness.  Utilizing ancestral spirits and cultural scrimshaw, Upper One presents a stand-out puzzle platformer taking place across the harsh arctic terrain. The story is a ride of despair and whimsy inside the adventure.  In a time where online only gameplay fuels the new generation of gaming, it felt great to play couch co-op with my fiancée, traversing the beautifully designed levels with an adorable little eskimo girl, Nuna accompanied by a cute arctic fox.

About halfway through the game the plot took an unexpected turn, which abruptly changed the gameplay — in my opinion for the worse (albeit emotionally powerful from a story perspective). Never the less, the ending was well worth the drive we gave it.

Never Alone is a great emotional indie game with amazing storytelling, beautiful cultural insights directly from the natives, and a couch co-op experience as good as any other.  Upper One set out to create a fun and innovative story true to ancestral folktales and the Alaskan culture, they were able to hit their mark and make a fun game to boot. For only $15 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam, we recommend picking this one up!